Why Use A Porcelain Crown To Restore Your Tooth?

why-use-a-porcelain-crown-to-restore-your-toothIf you have a tooth in pain, it probably will not take much to convince you to seek relief from your dentist. When a tooth needs restorative dental care, a dental crown can offer permanent protection after this work has been performed. When you receive a dental crown made with porcelain, you can enjoy a durable restoration that does not clash with your surrounding teeth. In fact, having one placed on a problem tooth can benefit your smile by covering up unsightly problems, like discoloration, or damage. While a crown can offer superior protection, your ideal dental scenario should involve avoiding the kind of problem that calls for one. Regular dental care can help you avoid these more advanced issues.

Problems Dental Crowns Can Address

Dental crowns are often used to support a tooth after a more involved cavity treatment. In fact, if you need a root canal, you can expect a dental crown to be necessary. However, crowns can sometimes be needed for cavities that do not require this level of care. Your dentist can use them to support injured teeth as well.

How Regular Care Helps Stop Problems Before You Need A Dental Crown

A dental injury can come from nowhere, but preventive dental care can help you avoid advanced cavities. Making the time to see your dentist for your regular dental checkups (which should occur every six months) means your dentist has opportunities to find signs of decay, and take action early. A small cavity still needs to be treated, but the treatment can result in you needing nothing more than a dental filling to fix your tooth.