Your Best Efforts Towards Daily Oral Care

Putting your best possible efforts into daily oral care will take more than just brushing regularly. If you want to enjoy superior preventive dental care, you should include flossing in your regular habits, too. During the day, the choices you make with your diet will affect your cavity risk. To put it simply, when you eat and drink items with more sugar, you can create more reactions with oral bacteria that harm your teeth. With the right oral care at home – and regular care from your dentist – you can take great care of your smile, and keep your risk for problems calling for restorative dental care low.

Take Care To Brush And Floss Effectively

When did you last replace your toothbrush? If you fail to replace your brush even after the bristles are worn down, you could be doing an insufficient job fully cleaning your teeth. A toothbrush typically needs to be replaced every three or four months. When you floss, take care to move up and down with the string, and not just backwards and forwards. Not covering the length of the spaces between teeth can leave bacteria and debris untouched. When you floss effectively, you can keep difficult to reach areas clean, and lower your risk for gum disease.

Take Advantage Of Your Dentist’s Help In Your Efforts For A Healthy Smile

You can take great care of your teeth at home, and still benefit from regular dental checkups. The professional cleaning you enjoy can remove tartar, a substance you will not be able to remove with brushing and flossing. Your checkups can also lead to the discovery of small cavities that you have not noticed; early detection and treatment can spare you from a more serious cavity.