Your Periodontal Health Can Have An Effect On Your Smile

Maintaining a healthy smile will help you maintain one that is attractive. Of course, you should remember that your smile is about more than just your teeth – you also need to pay attention to your gums. If you develop a periodontal infection, these tissues can appear red, and swollen. Bleeding, gum line recession, and bad breath can also create problems for you. Your Santa Monica, CA dentist is ready to help you fight periodontal troubles when they form. It is important to take treatment seriously – if nothing is done in time, the condition can progress and put you at risk for problems like tooth loss.

Unhealthy Gum Tissues Can Become Unattractive, And Start To Recede

Gum disease can be painless when it forms, but there are still signs to watch out for when you look at your smile. Your teeth can look long, and your smile can look uneven, due to a recession of your gum line. Other symptoms, like reddened and swollen tissues, can also be unattractive. While your dentist can identify these problems during preventive dental exams, you should not put off care if you think something is wrong.

Understanding The Link Between Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

Advanced gum disease can pose a serious problem for your smile. If your periodontal infection progresses to the stage of periodontitis, you can have a harder time defending these tissues, and keeping your smile healthy. Because advanced gum disease can damage tissues that keep your teeth secure, you can be more likely to lose teeth because of this issue.

Relying On Modern Care To Fight Periodontal Problems

Laser dentistry offers more modern treatments for patients who are struggling with periodontal problems. Your dentist can use lasers to address periodontal pockets, which can form when you have issues with gum disease. Lasers can also help clear away infected tissues more precisely, while allowing you to heal more quickly. Lasers are also effective during a scaling and root planing, a procedure your dentist can perform to reverse the early stages of gum disease. This can have the effect of reducing your overall risk for more serious complications.

Talk To Dr. Koshki About Treating Periodontal Problems That Can Affect Your Smile

At Santa Monica Dental Arts, Dr. Koshki is ready to help you maintain attractive, healthy teeth. Our practice also welcomes people who need to address problems with their periodontal health – when you take action against gum disease, you stop problems that can hurt your smile, and your well-being. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moeiz Koshki, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261. Our office is ready to provide cosmetic, restorative, and preventive services to communities in and around Santa Monica.