Blood Sugar And Tooth Loss

Diabetes SMCADiabetes affects at least 29 million Americans today, and that number is increasing daily. This comes both as a combination of an increase in the prevalence of the condition, but also in early detection of the signs and symptoms. People may be aware that this disease can lead to issues in the eyes and the extremities, but not how it affects our oral health.

But the fact of the matter is that diabetes is a direct influence in at least one out of every five instances of tooth loss. So if you are diabetic, either Type I or Type II, it is important to monitor and maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Today, your Santa Monica, CA dentist explains just some of the ways that this disease can become problematic to your smile if left untreated. And some tips on how to stay safe!


Diabetes refers to a problem with the production or reception of the vital hormone insulin. This allows your cells to absorb the carbohydrates that we consume. Without it working properly, can lead to the buildup of sugars within your bloodstream.

High blood sugar levels are known as hyperglycemia, and they can cause serious harm to your overall health. But often we skip over the discussion of how this can impact the health and strength of your smile. There are a few different ways that this disease can lead to major damage if you ignore it.

Salivary Concerns

When the body has too much glucose, it tries to rid itself of the excess. This primarily occurs through the production of extra urine which is full of this sugar. But it also can happen through our saliva. The overall health of our organs is more important in the short-term, and it can lead to problems in the long-term.

Due to this, the mouth can be harming itself and no amount of brushing can stop it. Until your blood sugars are brought to a manageable level, then this will continue. So this is one way where your only way to truly correct an issue with your oral health lies in an organ in your torso!

Dry Mouth Is Dangerous

Another serious issue that can arise in diabetic smiles is the possibility of dry mouth. When this occurs, you are at a higher risk of a few different problems. When we are creating excess urine to dump carbohydrate content, it quickly depletes our water reserves. And until the blood sugar comes to a healthy level, any new hydration will go out as quickly as it came in.

This is one of the biggest concerns with diabetic ketoacidosis. The best thing you can do to protect your smile is to keep your blood sugars under strict control. We may have setbacks, but the most important thing is that we try our best every day!

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