Does Dental Discoloration Embarrass You?

It may be hard for a person to show off their smile when they feel certain that others are noticing how dull or discolored their teeth have become. Are you someone who feels that their enamel is no longer as bright and white as it used to be? Have you started to keep your smile to yourself, or made other changes to hide your teeth, as a result? At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can help you take care of this problem through the right cosmetic dental work. The right approach to discoloration is often to undergo a professional whitening treatment, which can remove stains that store bought whitening treatments tend to leave. However, if you are affected by intrinsic discoloration, we can discuss alternative solutions that might be more effective.

Many People Are Embarrassed By Dull And Discolored Teeth

Dental discoloration can affect many people. With that said, we understand that someone who feels embarrassed by this issue may have a hard time accepting it, and that it can be a problem that calls for a prompt solution. The trouble with discoloration is that it can prove difficult to address. Even if you have kept your smile safe from cavities and other problems, the gradual buildup of stains can become an alarming sign. It is also possible that your problem is at least partly due to changes in your tooth structure that have hurt the color of your smile.

Scheduling A Teeth Whitening Procedure

To provide a truly long-term solution, we can recommend following an initial in-office procedure with the use of a take-home whitening kit. During your appointment, we will use a special light to speed up the effects of the bleaching gels we apply to your teeth. This safely shortens the time that you have to stay with us, meaning you can be out of our practice and ready to show off a dazzling smile in just one appointment! With the take-home kit that we provide, you can continue to touch up your teeth when needed to stop the accumulation of stains from negatively impacting how you look at a later date.

Why You Might Benefit From Treatment With Veneers

For someone whose problems are with intrinsic discoloration, it can be less beneficial to move forward with teeth whitening treatment. A change in your tooth structure that affects your smile color can occur after a dental injury, or after you take certain medications. You can also notice a change in your smile color due to enamel erosion. These issues can be resolved through the use of porcelain veneers, or thinner Lumineers, which can also cover problems with the shape and condition of teeth to dramatically improve your appearance.

Talk To Your Santa Monica, CA Dentist About Your Dental Discoloration

Dental discoloration is a problem that can cause considerable embarrassment. For some people, the problem feels so hard to ignore that they would prefer to simply stop smiling! If you are affected by this issue, you can talk to your Santa Monica, CA dentist about cosmetic treatment options. For more information, please call Santa Monica Dental Arts today at 310-395-1261.