Don’t Ignore The Signs Of Gingivitis!

Your dentist can help you understand what is wrong when you experience an oral health issue, and from there discuss what treatment will involve. Some problems, like tooth decay, can develop without causing obvious discomfort, and that can mean you miss that there is a problem until it grows more serious. However, you can identify the signs of gingivitis when you develop an infection. By doing so, you can recognize the need to take action before the problem worsens. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office can help you maintain healthy gums. We even have an on-site periodontist who can meet with you to talk treatment if you experience issues with a more advanced infection.

Gingivitis Is The First Stage Of A Periodontal Infection

Gingivitis is a threat many people are aware of, but what they may not realize is that it is the first stage of an infection that can grow more serious in time. If this happens, you can experience more difficulties in maintaining your full smile, and can even have a more difficult time maintaining your general health. Because of this, you should pay attention to when something appears wrong with your gums. You can address the matter by fighting bacteria that are starting to gather under your gum line, which gives your periodontal tissues a chance to recover.

How Preventive Care Protects Your Gums

Proper preventive care, at home and through regular dental visits, will help you maintain gums that are problem-free. Be careful about assuming nothing is wrong because you have not noticed any symptoms of gingivitis. At a routine checkup, you can find out if something is amiss, and you can undergo a teeth cleaning to help your tissues recover. Between visits, be on the lookout for issues like bleeding, tissue sensitivity and swelling, or any changes in your gum line, which indicate that you could have a problem.

Meeting With A Periodontal Specialist

We have an on-site periodontist who is ready to help you take on problems with your periodontal health even when they have progressed past the stage of gingivitis. We make services easier by relying on laser technology to make work with soft tissues more precise and comfortable. We can even help if your needs include treatment to deal with tooth loss linked to gum disease.

Our Santa Monica, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Protect Your Gums

Patients who visit Santa Monica Dental Arts can receive important dental and periodontal care. We can help you prevent complications from gingivitis, but we can also help you take on more serious problems when they form! If you are interested in discussing this issue, or if there is anything else that concerns you, please reach out to our dental practice in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.