Effectively Managing Poor Gum Health

The effective management of your oral health means protecting more than just your teeth. It is hard to overstate the importance of preserving your healthy gums. If you do not take care of these tissues, you can have a more difficult time preserving your full smile, and complications from an infection can have a negative effect on your overall well-being. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is here to help you avoid potential complications with your periodontal health. In addition to providing protection, including services that carefully clean the roots of your teeth with laser technology, we have an on-site periodontist who can work with you if you require advanced support.

Are You Receiving The Right Support For Active Periodontal Problems?

If you already have issues with your periodontal health, it is important that you make sure they are properly managed. One big consequence of not scheduling regular dental checkups is overlooking the effects of gum disease, which can worsen in time and create serious issues for your general health as well as your smile. Fortunately, targeted cleanings can help stop an infection from worsening. In addition to scaling and root planing, you can undergo a laser treatment to fight the buildup of bacteria responsible for your poor health.

Why We Might Recommend Treatment From Our On-Site Periodontal Specialist

When gum disease has reached an advanced stage, a patient can require treatment from a specialist. To make ongoing care easier to secure, we can introduce you to our on-site periodontist, who can tend to your needs by providing more involved services that help control a serious problem with your health. Remember that when it is not properly managed, an infection at this stage can intrude on your ability to manage other health problems, and it can make you more likely to lose teeth!

The Right Approach To Care Can Help You Keep Your Gums Healthy

Committing to regular dental exams will provide an important line of defense for your gums, as you can receive preventive care as well as targeted cleanings when you have gingivitis. Between appointments, make sure that you do your part to protect these tissues as well. You should take care to clean at the base of your teeth whenever you brush and floss. Doing so will help you avoid the accumulation of bacteria on the roots of teeth.

Talk To Your Santa Monica, CA Dentist About Preserving Your Healthy Gums

With the right support, you can count on protection for your gums, which can help you avoid many worrying issues over time. If you have questions or concerns about your periodontal health, or if there is anything else that our practice can do for you, call Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA today at 310-395-1261.