Taking Your Pain Seriously With Root Canal Treatment

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If you experience an ache in one of your teeth that will not go away after a day or so, let your dentist know! This condition is a common symptom of a dangerous infection. Without treatment, bacteria inside your pulp chamber can break away and enter the bloodstream, harming you further. By scheduling an emergency checkup, we can take an X-ray of your problem tooth to determine if foreign material is present. If so, we recommend a root canal to clear out the decaying material and prevent future reinfection. Because this treatment permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we design and place a dental crown to restore your smile.

At your Santa Monica, CA, dental office, we help renew patients’ smiles after experiencing a tooth infection. We are standing by, ready to assist you when you are in pain. By performing a root canal, we relieve the swelling of tissues that press against your sensitive dental nerve. The reduction of the body’s inflammatory process indicates that your healing is on the right track! In today’s blog, we explore regaining your comfort after toothaches.

Your Dentist Can Relieve Toothaches With Root Canal Therapy

Consistent pain results from oral bacteria breaking through the protective seal of your smile’s enamel and entering the inner pulp chamber. When the enamel is healthy, it takes on hundreds of pounds of pressure of your bite’s force. But physical and chemical forces can break the protection, increasing your risk for decay and infection. This means that no toothache treatment is complete without restoring the seal of your tooth’s outer layer.

To decrease the odds of decay disrupting your healthy smile, schedule regular dental checkups to clear bacterial plaque and tartar. In addition to cleaning your smile, we perform regular exams that can detect when an oral threat appears. Early detection increases your odds of a more successful treatment, so schedule a visit today!

Performing Your Root Canal

When you visit our office with a painful complaint, we will take an X-ray to see the insides of the tooth. If an infection is present, we suggest performing a root canal right away. Using special tools, we enter the tooth’s inner chamber to clear away all foreign material. By inserting a gutta percha filling, we seal the pulp to prevent future infections. To complete the treatment, we design and place a dental crown that restores your bite’s function and appearance!

Learn More About Root Canal Treatment With Dr. Koshki In Santa Monica

If your tooth has begun to hurt, talk to a helpful team of dental restoration experts about your options for repair. To learn more about the root canal treatment process, give us a call at Santa Monica Dental Arts in Santa Monica, CA at (310)395-1261.