Addressing Questions You May Have About Root Canals

When your dentist advises that you need a root canal, you may feel uneasy, and generally uncertain of what to expect. The uncertainty around what a root canal will involve can be part of why patients become nervous when they learn this will be required to deal with their cavity. This restorative dental treatment is used when there is a problem with your tooth’s pulp. This is often because of tooth decay that has grown severe, but some physical injuries can make it necessary, too. A root canal takes care of your oral health by stopping an internal problem, and can save a vulnerable tooth. (more…)

Ignoring Gum Disease Can Create Big Oral Health Problems

Your gum disease may not leave you gripped with pain, but it deserves serious attention. Your gums may be sensitive, or swollen, because of an infection. You may have noticed that your gums are more likely to bleed when you brush and floss. If the earlier stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is caught and reversed in time, you can effectively keep your periodontal tissue safe. However, advanced gum disease can be irreversible, meaning your only option is to manage the problem. Patients who suffer from advanced gum disease are dealing with a condition that leads all other causes when it comes to tooth loss. (more…)

Quiz: What It Can Take To Fully Treat A Cavity

Patients will come in for cavity care with teeth in different stages of decay. The level of damage that you have experienced will impact your dentist’s approach to restoring your tooth. If your cavity was caught in an earlier stage, you may only require a dental filling. However, as cavities continue to grow, your risk for complications will rise. Once a cavity starts to attack the interior of your tooth, your dentist will be required to perform a root canal treatment. The goal during any restorative work is the same in all cases. Your dentist needs to fully remove all decayed material, and will then have to provide you with a restoration to make sure that tooth is not functionally compromised. (more…)

Make Big Cosmetic Changes With A ZOOM! Whitening Treatment

The benefits of a whitening treatment you purchase at the grocery store or pharmacy can be frustratingly modest. After years of accumulated stains, you may be ready to improve your teeth by several shades, only to find that a store bought whitener has failed to deliver these results. When you come to your dentist for cosmetic care, you can have discoloration addressed with a ZOOM! whitening treatment. With the use of ZOOM!, your dentist will be able to make your teeth remarkably whiter in a single session, which should last approximately an hour. (more…)

Trusting Dental Implants To Give Prosthetic Dental Support

Why should you have a dental implant put in place to stabilize and secure your prosthetic? This is not the only way to enjoy a permanent restoration – with a dental bridge, you can have a missing tooth secured. That being said, the support of a dental implant will offer exclusive important benefits. In addition to superior stability, an implant will protect you against problems with your jawbone – missing teeth can lead to a reduction in mass. Implants also make it possible to keep larger restorations stable. That means you can keep partial and total dentures in tightly locked in place. (more…)

Should You Worry About A Dental Crown Affecting Your Smile?

A dental crown is necessary for teeth that are vulnerable after damage, or after a cavity too severe for a dental filling. You might be concerned upon learning you need a dental crown, because you fear how it will impact your smile. Thanks to the use of porcelain to make this restoration, you can actually avoid any cosmetic concerns. Porcelain is a close match with your enamel, and your dentist can make sure its color matches neighboring teeth, so it will easily fit. This material still boasts important durability, so your tooth will be safe, and your ability to bite and chew will not be hindered. (more…)

Dedicated Preventive Care For Your Smile

Your dentist is ready to perform whatever restorative dental care you need when you arrive with something wrong. What you should know is that your dentist is also capable of giving you expert preventive dental care, too. Preventive appointments help patients stay on top of their oral health needs. These sessions, along with smart daily oral care, will lower your chances of experiencing cavity trouble. If you do suffer a cavity while attending regular dental checkups, your dentist can recommend treatment before the problem worsens. That way, you can minimize the damage your tooth suffers, and undergo a less involved treatment. (more…)