Cosmetic Dentistry Can Restore The Look Of Chipped Teeth

While a tooth can be chipped after an accident, damages can also result from an accumulation of wear and tear over time. With that said, if you are concerned about your smile because of teeth that are starting to look damaged or misshapen, knowing how they were damaged can be less relevant than knowing how the problem can be addressed. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can help patients who are bothered by the way a chipped tooth – or several chipped teeth – may have affected their appearance. With cosmetic dental work, we can restore your smile while preserving more of your healthy tooth structure! (more…)

Stop Letting Your Teeth Stains Affect Your Confidence!

When you no longer feel comfortable with your smile because of teeth stains, it can be hard to recover from the blow to your confidence. You can have a harder time in social environments, and you can practically run from any efforts to take your picture because you are reluctant to smile. When you try to address these problems with a whitening treatment available at your local grocery store, you can be dismayed to see a lack of meaningful improvements. So what can you do to address the problem? At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, you can make plans to undergo a professional whitening treatment. In the span of just one appointment, you can see exciting changes to your appearance! (more…)

How Custom Veneers Make Dramatic Smile Improvements Possible

Many people who have expressed interest in cosmetic dental work have been excited to learn just how much they can do for their appearance with custom porcelain veneers. By designing and placing these custom restorations on your teeth, your Santa Monica, CA dentist can help you address discoloration, damage, misalignment, and other concerns. These appliances require relatively little work on your natural tooth structure, and their durable porcelain material can ensure that your results last for an extended period! While this is not the only cosmetic procedure offered at our practice, it may be the only one you need to make all of your desired changes to your appearance. (more…)

Digital Scanning Helps Us Plan Treatment With Clear Aligners

Clear orthodontic appliances like Invisalign and ClearCorrect have given patients an appearance-friendly means of fixing problems with smile gaps and overlaps. These aligners are less conspicuous than metal braces, and you can appreciate the way they can be removed without difficulty. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we can provide modern orthodontic care with these appliances to help improve your bite function and appearance. Thanks to our iTero digital scanner, we can gather detailed images and information that help us plan your treatment. Better measurements can ensure that your appliances offer ideal results, and you can find that digital scanning is more comfortable than making physical bite impressions. (more…)

Can You Count On Lumineers To Address Your Cosmetic Flaws?

While traditional veneers are certainly slim, some preparatory work on a patient’s teeth will typically be required before they can be placed. Thanks to Lumineers, this work can be reduced or even skipped entirely! Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office has experience improving patients’ smiles with both conventional veneers and Lumineers. With their even slimmer design, Lumineers have proven effective at helping people show off cosmetic smile improvements while requiring less advance work. With Lumineers in place, you can show off a smile that looks more uniform, brighter, and generally more attractive! While this is effective for many people, we can work with you to make sure this is the right treatment option, or we can help you find a procedure that is ideal for reaching your smile goals. (more…)

We Can Help You Take Care Of Your Crooked Teeth In 2020!

If you want to enjoy a more confident and attractive smile in 2020, then it may be time for you to address your concerns over teeth that appear out of place. A smile affected by crooked teeth can appear less healthy, seem out of balance, and generally appear less attractive to people. As a result, any gaps and overlaps that affect you may make you too self-conscious to truly smile with confidence. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with this problem in a discreet and effective manner. For many people, treatment with clear aligners can be recommended to fix gaps, overlaps, and other alignment issues. For some, it may be possible to make improvements through the placement of dental veneers. (more…)

We Can Address Smile Flaws That Make You Look Older

Your perceived age can be affected by many factors. While people often fret over the development of wrinkles, or the appearance of gray hairs, the condition of your smile is also something that can change how old you look. Fortunately, with the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can resolve problems with your teeth that cause people to see you as older than you really are. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to help you make corrections that give you a more youthful smile. This can be as straightforward as addressing teeth stains that have accumulated over the years, or improvements can be made by restoring teeth that appear worn or misshapen. (more…)