Setting An Appointment To Learn More About Veneers

If you are curious about cosmetic dental treatment, but worry that the improvements you need will take time, and several procedures, discuss veneers with your dentist. You can have traditional porcelain veneers, or Lumineers, placed over teeth, and cover up a range of issues with this single procedure. Because veneers cover the entirety of the front of your teeth, you can use them to hide discoloration, misshapen teeth, and evidence of damage currently marring your smile. Learning more about this procedure – or a different cosmetic dental treatment – can help you find out how you can enjoy a positive change to your smile. (more…)

How A Deep Cleaning Protects Your Gums

What is so special about a deep cleaning, and why is it recommended for patients who show signs of gingivitis? The procedure goes beyond the sort of cleaning routinely performed in a dental checkup. Your teeth will actually be cleaned underneath your gum line. By removing bacteria residing in these spaces, your dentist can protect your gums from an infection. It is important to act quickly when you see signs that suggest you might have gingivitis. Advanced gum disease is more harmful, and can be considerably harder to address. If you are unsure about the health of your gums, look for issues like reddening, swelling, bleeding, or a receding gum line. All of these are potential symptoms. (more…)

What To Expect From Your Experience With Clear Braces

Clear braces like Invisalign and ClearCorrect offer to straighten your smile without putting you through a traditional orthodontic treatment. Of course, you might be unsure of how you can have your crooked teeth corrected without bracket and wire braces. Clear braces allow you to correct the position of teeth with a series of plastic aligners that are difficult to see once they are placed on your teeth. As time passes, you move closer to your ideal smile, using subsequent aligners to make steady changes. Using clear aligners will limit the effect on your appearance. You also have the benefit of being able to remove the appliance when you need to eat, or whenever you need to clean your teeth. (more…)

The Reality Of Root Canal Treatments

No one expects a patient to be happy about needing one, but a root canal treatment is important if you want to save your tooth from a serious threat. A root canal addresses internal tooth problems that can threaten your overall oral health, and put your tooth at risk of permanent harm. In many cases, a patient needs to undergo this treatment because they have a cavity that has burrowed into their pulp. However, physical damage can lead to the sort of internal issues that make it necessary, too. You should understand that without a root canal, you would lose the tooth in question, and face other complications. (more…)

Has Your Morning Coffee Habit Affected Your Smile?

Coffee is an important pick-me-up for a large number of Americans. If you struggle to start your day, you may feel that your morning is not complete until you down your first cup! Unfortunately, that boost in energy can also cause problems for your smile. The particles coffee leaves in your teeth can start to make them look discolored. As time passes, that accumulation can lead to distracting, frustrating stains. The professional whitening treatment you receive from your dentist can allow you to combat those stains, and once again show off a bright, white smile. (more…)

How Laser Treatment Can Serve Your Oral Health Needs

By providing you with care via laser treatment, your dentist can offer you a modern, more precise dental experience. Laser treatment is able to help with a range of different dental procedures. You can enjoy better periodontal treatment that is more precise, and can heal faster. You also enjoy an advanced dental cleaning that can better protect you from cavities and gum disease. If you want to enjoy the best possible oral health care, make sure you are taking advantage of the preventive dental care offered through regular appointments. After all, no matter how advanced your dentist’s treatments become, they will not be able to help you if you never come in to receive care. (more…)

How Crowns And Fillings Can Avoid Disrupting Your Smile

If you need work done to restore a tooth suffering from a cavity, you may have unhappy visions of your smile disrupted by a prominent restoration. What you should know is that thanks to modern materials, you can actually have a natural-looking smile even after you receive a dental crown, or a filling. Composite resin fillings offer support for a tooth that will blend in with the surrounding enamel. Crowns made from porcelain and zirconia closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. When placed, a porcelain or zirconia crown can actually improve how you look by covering a less attractive tooth. (more…)