What Can I Do If I Need Emergency Dental Treatment?

Under many circumstances, people who need dental work can have a clear idea of how to arrange treatment. However, there are some situations where you may be unsure about the potential access to care that you have. Can you set up an appointment on short notice? What if you experience a serious dental health issue outside of typical office hours? When it comes to dental injuries and pain, your Santa Monica, CA dentist recognizes that problems can arise at difficult times. Because of this, our practice does offer access to emergency dental work for our patients. When you schedule care on short notice, we can make sure that the matter is taken care of, and that your smile is effectively restored. (more…)

3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Chip Your Tooth

Dental injuries are hard to anticipate, and it can sometimes be difficult to know how you should respond to one. If your tooth is chipped but largely intact, is it an urgent problem? What should you do if an injury affects your ability to bite and chew? Sometimes, an injury that appears minor can lead to problems because it can lead to infection. However, in other cases trauma can only lead to cosmetic dental concerns. Our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office has experience restoring teeth that are chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. If you feel that the situation warrants urgent care, we can make plans to see you for emergency dental work. (more…)

We Can Help You Find The Right Path To A Whiter Smile

Many people who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth have some concerns about discoloration. A smile that is affected by dull or blemished teeth is one that you may have a hard time showing off with confidence. In many cases, a person’s primary or only concern will be with the color of their teeth. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, individuals who worry about their appearance can find that a professional whitening procedure effectively takes on their concerns. Through a professional whitening procedure, we can help you deal with stains that can be hard to fully address through products that are available over the counter. (more…)

Lumineers Can Limit The Work Needed To Improve Your Smile

If cosmetic dental work is going to produce significant results, a procedure must involve a significant amount of work on your tooth structure…right? At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, individuals who are concerned about the work behind cosmetic treatment can be happily surprised at how conservative an effective treatment can actually be. One way we can restore your smile is through the placement of Lumineers. Like traditional veneers, Lumineers are created from a durable porcelain material, and they can help you cover up problems with the shape, size, and color of your teeth. What sets these restorations apart is their slimmer design, which can limit the amount of preparatory work required for your smile improvements. (more…)

Curious About Cosmetic Dentistry? Bring Us Your Questions

While you can have an idea of what is wrong with your smile currently, and what you would like to do about it, you may have several questions you want to ask your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. When you have more information about the benefits of a particular procedure, or a clear idea of what your dentist can actually do for you, it can be easier to move forward with care and see exciting smile changes. At our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to meet with you and discuss the potential benefits of different cosmetic procedures. (more…)

A Take-Home Whitening Kit Can Help You Maintain Bright Teeth

With a professional whitening procedure, you can take care of the frustrating teeth stains that have left your smile looking dull or discolored. Through a treatment at our Santa Monica, CA dental practice, we can make your teeth many shades brighter, and give you a big boost to your confidence. Unfortunately, the world will still contain many products that are able to leave stains on your enamel. To protect yourself, you can use a take-home whitening kit provided after your in-office treatment. This can help you sustain the results of your cosmetic dental procedure, and continue to smile with confidence. (more…)

Wearing Your Clear Aligners In A Professional Environment

Orthodontic work can have great benefits for your appearance, but some people have a hard time agreeing to start an adjustment. The process of fixing gaps and overlaps can take an extended amount of time, and it often requires the patient to wear a conspicuous appliance. What you should know is that our Santa Monica, CA dentist’s office can help you with a more discreet treatment, thanks to clear braces! Through Invisalign treatment, or work with ClearCorrect appliances, you can do something about alignment flaws without drawing unwanted attention. This can be especially welcome news for those patients who are concerned about how their appearance might impact their experience in the workplace. (more…)