Quiz: Stopping Tooth Loss

quiz stopping tooth lossYou may think of tooth loss as something that happens because of an accident – for example, losing a tooth in a sports-related injury. What you might not realize is that a person is most likely to lose a tooth because of complications of gum disease. If poor periodontal health is not treated in a timely manner, the ensuing complications can cause tooth loss. Problems stemming from an advanced cavity can also lead to this. One reason regular checkups with your dentist do so much for your oral health is that these appointments provide your dentist with a chance to stop a problem before it becomes serious. (more…)

Why Your Dentist Uses Porcelain Material

why your dentist uses porcelain materialPorcelain material is relied on for restorative dental work, but its ability to mimic the look of enamel make it effective in cosmetic dental procedures, too. Porcelain can be durable, and its finish can match your teeth in color, and even imitate how they reflect light. If you need a dental crown, porcelain can be used in its construction. While the crown is durable, it will also avoid standing out in your smile and causing problems for your appearance. A set of porcelain veneers can have a terrifically transformative effect on how you look. Veneers are strong, attractive, and able to provide big changes to your smile. (more…)

Stopping A Cavity Before You Need A Root Canal

stopping a cavity before you need a root canalIf your dentist determines that you need a root canal, you should know that this treatment can save you from losing your tooth. Without the proper treatment, a cavity can do enough damage to make your tooth unsalvageable. What you should know is that tooth decay will not always call for a root canal. If your dentist has the opportunity to intervene in time, you may only need a filling to restore your tooth. If you want to increase your odds of having a problem addressed in time, you should see your dentist for regular checkups. (more…)

Helping You Enjoy Your Whitest Possible Smile

helping you enjoy your whitest possible smileYour dentist is your ally when it comes to protecting your smile’s health, and keeping its appearance in top form. With cosmetic dental work, you can take care of misshapen or otherwise unsightly teeth, and show off the whitest possible smile. What you might not know is that you have different options when it comes to tooth color. A cosmetic whitening treatment can offer terrific results, but this may not be the best path for you. Your dentist can help connect you with the best way to make positive changes to the color of your smile. (more…)

Ways Your Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

ways your dentist can restore your smileWhen you have an issue with your oral health, your dentist can do the necessary restorative work to eliminate the problem. It is important to note that problems with your teeth and gums can often only be solved with a professional procedure, and that putting off treatment can grant an issue time to worsen. As common as they may be, cavities are not a minor concern. If caught in time, they can be removed before too much of your tooth is affected. However, eventually a cavity will kill your tooth if it is not addressed. Gum disease can also wreak real havoc on your oral health if you do not respond in time. One way to ensure that a problem does not have time to become severe is to make regular dental checkups a priority. (more…)

Regular Checkups And Other Smart Oral Health Habits

regular checkups and other smart oral health habitsWhat kind of measures do you take to protect your oral health? Preventive dentistry emphasizes efforts to keep your teeth in their best shape. One important step you should take is to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. With these visits, your teeth can be thoroughly cleaned, and inspected for possible problems. In between checkups, you can work to preserve the quality of your teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly are important, and you can lower your cavity risk by controlling how much sugar you consume. (more…)

The Fight Against Gum Disease

fight against gum diseaseStaying cavity-free is only part of your fight to sustain your oral health. You should also be on alert for problems with your gums. Advanced gum disease is most frequently the cause of tooth loss in adults, and it can do considerable damage to the bone and soft tissue around your tooth roots. It can also have consequences for your overall health. To prevent gum disease, you should keep up with brushing and flossing. These actions can destroy bacteria that could infiltrate your teeth below the gum line, and cause an infection. Routine checkups with your dentist are also important. (more…)